Finding A Suitable Whole House Surge Protector in Pompano Beach

If you have been experiencing a frequent flicker of lights or dimming when the A/C comes on or when turning on appliances, you should possibly be concerned with circuit overload and the need for a Pompano Beach whole house surge protector. This occurs frequently in households across the country when there are sudden surges of power known as spikes. These can occur at any time day or night, but most often during peak power consumption periods across a city or towns electrical grids. The danger is that these surges can damage your appliances or expensive audio video gear such as TVs, stereos, or computers. In some cases circuit boards can overheat and start fires. When this occurs the damage can be devastating.

A spike protector can come in many forms with various purposes. They are designed in general to suppress excess current going to the homeowners electric devices by diverting it safely into the ground. Typical off the shelf models, called “point of use” protectors are the most common and are designed to safely protect only  a few devices at a time. However there are devices called whole house surge protectors that provide more of a blanket of protection for all of a home’s electronic devices. These units are connected at a home’s main electrical panel or at the point where current enters the house. Installation of these devices is typically performed by a licensed electrician or contractor. They make sure all grounding connections are made inorder to channel surging current safely into the ground.

Before purchasing a total Pompano Beach home surge arrestor, the homeowner must consider a few things in order to make a suitable purchase. First, make sure the device is properly rated. Second, make sure the joule rating is high enough to provide adequate protection. This number is typically located on the side of the package, or if purchasing through the internet, assure that this information is provided in the advertisement. This number should be in the range of one thousand to four thousand joules for a decent surge protector.

Third, compare costs of the different models. While cost does not always equate to quality, this can be a factor when considering one of these units. This is higher because production costs are even higher if the unit is built to withstand stronger surges or if it has a good warranty.

Although purchasing a device such as a whole house surge protector seems like a straight forward and simple thing to do, the fact is that one wrong decision can wind up costing thousands of dollars in the long run.