What You Should Know About Commercial Electrical Inspections In Pompano Beach

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Fort Lauderdale electrical repairsCommercial electrical inspections in Pompano Beach are necessary for a number of reasons. Our electrical inspections are performed by professionally licensed, certified electrical inspectors. Your commercial electrical inspection may be needed before repairs, a wiring replacement, panel upgrades, or for other reasons for safety.

Electrical inspectors at Sherman Electric have years of experience in the industry and are specialized and certified inspectors. Commercial electrical inspections are a lot more involved than residential, simply because there are more electrical components and wiring involved and more stringent building code requirements for commercial systems.

Who Needs Commercial Electrical Inspections?

Every commercial building should have a regular electrical inspection done. It is prudent as a business owner to have one done every year. An electrical inspection is necessary for various reasons. The most important reason is to protect your property from fire and the occupants from electrical shock. If for no other reason, knowing what needs to be done to protect the business assets is important. An inspector will ensure that the building’s wiring and other components are not decaying, loose, or previously repaired wrong.

The electrical panels in the commercial building will also be inspected for code compliance. If an upgrade is necessary, you will find out and be able to take care of it before risking a fine. Commercial electrical safety code requirements change all the time so inspections need to be done regularly.

Inspections are also very useful to obtain property financing, for making good decisions about a property you would like to make an offer on, for negotiating the sales price of your building, for remodeling, for safety, for insurance filing, or for building restorations. The electrical inspection gives you a detailed written report with specific information on the current condition of the system and an estimate on any necessary repairs or upgrades.

Your commercial electrical inspection can include these specific considerations and more:

  • Occupancy
  • Wiring methods used
  • Wiring method suitability
  • Conduit fill
  • Number of bends in conduit
  • Matching of installation to blueprints
  • Special grounding and bonding needs
  • Workmanship
  • Corrosion protection needs
  • Presence of concrete-encased electrode
  • Installation of floor boxes and under-floor raceways
  • Burial depths of wiring

Commercial Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance Issues

When your commercial building’s wiring, panel, and other electrical components need to be updated, they are more than likely not sufficient for modern standards. This can mean that they are not safe. Code compliance authorities set forth rules to ensure that the building is safe for occupants. Code compliance is helpful to a commercial property owner in that it helps to keep fires and electrical shock from happening. When your inspection is done, there will be many details included in the report about repairs or electrical upgrading.

Any necessary electrical code violation repairs, installations, or upgrades for the building should be done by commercial electricians who know the national and local electrical safety codes. That means you need a local electrician who is familiar with the area and holds all the proper licensing and education. A commercial electrical inspector is a master electrician with years of experience in the commercial industry who is certified to do inspections.

Commercial Electricians In Pompano Beach For Inspections & Code Violation Repairs

When you are hunting around for the right commercial electrician for an inspection, be sure you are choosing one with the credentials. A real inspection is considered legal documentation, but only if it is done by a qualified inspector. At Sherman Electric, our commercial electrical inspector is fully trained and credentialed.

As a family owned and operated, local Pompano Beach company, we take our reputation very seriously and do everything we can to satisfy our customers, including all our wonderful commercial clients. If you need an inspection, repairs, or a new electrical installation from a local, competent, and reliable electrician, call our professionals at Sherman Electric!

If you would like to learn more about Commercial Electrical Inspections in The Pompano Beach area, please call Sherman Electric, Inc. at 954-942-9770 or complete our online request form.