Electrical Remodeling – What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

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Fort Lauderdale Electronic RepairsWhen most people think remodeling, they envision all the cosmetic aspects of the home – the details that you can see with your naked eye. That means what tends to get forgotten is all the “behind the scenes” details, like electrical wiring.

No matter how attractive your home looks, what matters most is that it is safe. So it only makes sense that the focus should be on updating and upgrading your electrical system, above all else.

Are You in Need of Electrical Updates?

Homes that are only 20 years old could be a candidate for needing electrical renovations. That’s seemingly newer, but still, things have just changed so much. Some common reasons homeowners find that they need an updated electrical system is:

Homes still using 60 amps need to upgrade to at least 100 amps, but more would be better. Staying at 60 means constantly tripping breakers or blowing fuses, disconnecting power from one appliance to use another and taking a big risk with your safety.

In fact, if your home still has fuses, it makes sense to upgrade to circuit breakers. For one thing, the reaction time to fluctuations in power is quicker with circuit breakers, which means lower risk of incidents. Plus, a tripped breaker can easily be switched back on while a blown fuse requires replacement.

If it has been discovered that other homes in your neighborhood, or structures built by the same construction company, contain shoddy workmanship, you need to have a safety inspection, right away. It may not seem fair to have to incur this cost, but better to err on the side of caution. The last thing you want to do is discover your home needs new wiring, by waiting for a fire to break out.

Even aside from safety, although that is the most important factor, is the fact that this will make your life so much easier. Today’s demand for electrical supply is higher than ever. We have so many more gadgets and then other gadgets that need to charge and other gadgets to keep us preoccupied while we wait for that recharging process. So it only makes sense to bring your home to meet the modern day demand.

Trust in True Experts

Make your home safe again, by contacting Sherman Electric, Inc. for an electrical home inspection, or to go ahead and upgrade your system. Since 1993, we have been providing locals with the best in quality service work, personalized customer care, and affordable pricing. Nothing is more important than the safety of your home and the well-being of your loved ones.

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How to Pick Sunrise Generators for Your Home

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Sunrise Generators for Your Home Sunrise home generators are the perfect solution when the power goes out and there is no alternate source of electricity available. They truly can be a life saver.  Choosing a generator that is most compatible for your home and your energy requirements is important and assessing your needs for you family and the house are important considerations as well.   What should you consider when choosing a home generator?

  1. Price. When choosing a Sunrise home generator, you should consider just how much you could spend.
  2. Size. What type of generator should you use? There are portable generators which are normally small. Home standby generators are used to power up a whole home in case it is needed. And there are those commercial generators which could power up a place a lot bigger than just a house. The size could usually tell you how long a generator can run too.
  3. Fuel Type. There are many types of generators depending on what fuel they use to generate electricity. There are those which are powered by gas, there are those powered by LPG, there are some that works on diesel, and others work on natural gas. There are advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other, including price and availability, and you should figure out about them with a professional Sunrise contractor. They are the only ones who could help you choose the right home generators, as well as help you install them safely and properly.
  4. Load. Of course, you’d have to deal with choosing a Sunrise home generator by the electricity load that you’re about to put into it. Knowing just how much wattage something needs to start and keep running is important if you want to know how powerful you need your generator to be. Make a list of all the things you want to start and run with a power generator, and make sure that you cover all the necessary appliances and equipment first. Your fridge, freezer, heater, pump and water system, gas furnace and fans, stove, lighting, washing machine, radio, computer system and many others could very well be considered as important and necessary. All of these things would require higher starting wattages, but all of them would run on significantly lower wattage.

If you’re thinking about installing a Sunrise home generator  it is always be better to have generators installed by a professional  electricians.

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Coral Springs Panel Boards

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Coral Springs Panel BoardsPanel boards in its many forms are one of the best products to make Coral Springs remodeling projects easier and faster. The secret is to buy good quality panel board meeting the specifications for your project and then, install it with care. Panel board usually comes in 4×8 foot panels that are made of particle board or plywood with a finish layer on top. The beauty of prefinished panel board is that it requires no sanding, taping, primer or paint. There are distribution boards designed for outdoor use as siding, for use in kitchens and bathrooms, where there is moisture present, for family rooms and bedrooms, or anywhere else in the home. Sometimes called paneling, these boards come in many different patterns, qualities and price points. your professional Coral Springs electrician will be able to assist you with you choices and installation.

A good Coral Springs distribution board definition would be: a panel of 4×8′ or another standard size such as 2×4′. This panel is made of a base layer of plywood, particle board or similar manufactured wood product with tongue and groove edges or other edge design that makes the panels look attractive installed side by side. There is then a finished layer laminated to the base. This finish layer can look like wood, bead board, ceramic, stone, wall paper or other materials. These finishes can be of varying qualities and materials. Wood panel board can be a layer of real wood called a veneer, or it can be a photographic finish with a protective finish over it. White panel board can have a bead board look with grooves depicting narrow boards side by side, look like whitewashed wood, painted wood, white ceramic tile or another pattern. Wood panel board is the best for wood looks, but the photo finish wood looks are less expensive. Tile board can be a flat photo finish of tile, the tile pattern can have grooves around the tiles to look more real or it can have plastic or ceramic tiles adhered to the board.

Decorative distribution board takes days off a remodeling project because it eliminates the finishing steps you would need with a sheet rocked wall. There is no taping, mudding or sanding required. Paneling can be installed over existing walls, or with new construction it is a good idea to put sheetrock on the wall as a backing. If it will be covered with the panel board it doesn’t need to be taped or otherwise finished. Because distribution board is pre finished, there is no step to hide mistakes in cutting or installing. Measure for each panel very carefully, and then check again. It is very important that every piece is cut to the exact size needed. Nail or screw in a nice even pattern hitting the support boards behind the wall. Nail or screw in the grooves to hide them when possible. Purchase the matching panel board accessories for the ceiling and floor edges and the edge or corner of the wall. There will be a tube or stick of matching repair finish available and it is a good idea to have it on hand to fill nail holes or repair scratches and dents.

Buy your distribution board from trusted suppliers in your area like Lowe’s, Home Depot or your neighborhood building supplier. Check all the sheets for damage and defects, including damaged edges and warping. Only accept the perfect sheets of paneling for your job. You can find liquidation stores that sell seconds in panel board to save money, but then you need to work around defects by buying extra sheets to make up for bad places. No matter where you buy your paneling, make sure you purchase the panels that are rated for your job. If you are purchasing for a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, purchase panel board designed to withstand moisture. Make sure the paneling you buy does not emit dangerous fumes like from formaldehyde. Purchase a panel board that is thick enough to hold its shape and not get warped or wavy with time. When you purchase your paneling, make sure it can be painted in the future if your decorating tastes change.

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Major Remodel – Upgrade Your Electrical Service!

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If you are contemplating a major remodel, the addition of a room or garage, or a new kitchen you should consider upgrading your Pompano Beach electrical service.

Thirty years ago, the average new home was equipped with a 60 amp electrical service connected to a screw-in fuse panel with two fuse blocks. The common distribution was a fuse block for the stove and one for the hot water tank. The balance of the homes electrical needs were served by six, 15amp screw-in fuses.

Twenty years ago the average new home was equipped with a 100 amp electrical service and some of them used the latest in technology, circuit breakers.

Now the average home is equipped with a 200 amp electrical service with a distribution panel handling up to 40, 15amp circuit breakers serving the electrical needs of the home.

North American’s are electrical power hungry. Today our air conditioning systems take more power than an entire home did 30 years ago. A kitchen, in a new home, will usually be equipped with a number of receptacles capable of supplying more than 60 amps just to counter top appliances.

Adding receptacles does not increase the available power if they are looped from other receptacles. To get more power to a location the circuit should run directly from the distribution panel.

Old style distribution panels, those with screw-in fuses are generally considered fire hazards. The contact between the base of the fuse and the buss bar oxidizes or charcoals from poor contact. In order for the current to continue to flow heat is generated. In many areas, insurance companies will not renew homeowner insurance if the home is equipped with an electrical distribution panel that has screw-in fuses.

If your current electrical service to your home is less than 200 amps, and/or if it has a distribution panel that uses screw in fuses, you should consider replacing it as a top priority in any major renovation project.