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When you're looking for a fresh, new Miramar electrician, then call on the guys at Sherman Electric. We have been servicing the Florida community since 1993 and are still practicing our trade today. Get in touch with us if you need repairs or upgrades done to your home. We'd love to help.


Hallandale Beach Electrical Repairs Miramar Panel Upgrades

Do you have broken wall sockets in your home? If you do, we have the answer at Sherman Electric. Our electricians do electrical repairs and they do them well. If you cannot access your sockets just because they are broke, then let us repair them.

A broken wall socket may be the result of poor maintenance, but never the less it still won't work. We'll come out and fix your problem by troubleshooting the problem. Our trained electricians will cut the power going to your sockets and than take the base plate off.

Once we've taken the base plate off the next step is to see if your wiring is bad. Most of the time we've found that it's the wiring that's bad. Bad wiring will not conduct enough voltage to go through your sockets. Call your Miramar electrician today for more details.


Hallandale Beach Panel Upgrades

If your lights flicker, chances are that you don't have ghosts. You just might need a panel upgrade from Sherman Electric. We are the electrical experts when it comes to panel boxes, so contact us today and we'll have your box running efficiently.

There are some rules of thumb that we abide by when performing panel upgrades. One of these rules is; when wiring for a kitchen and dining room, the outlets should be a 20 amp circuit wired with a 12-2 Romex. A 12-2 Romex is the wiring and thickness of the wire itself.

Now dryers are much different as they take a 30 amp outlet. This outlet must be protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker. Knowing this will prevent any false doing when it comes to your electrical appliances. Contact Sherman Electric for an appointment today.


Hallandale Beach Surge Protection

Call Sherman Electric today and we'll have your entire home wired for surge protection. A power surge can damage if not ruin your electrical appliances. If you want to protect them, this is one of the best ways to go.

We simply install a surge protection mechanism. That's all, nothing more to it. Many surges are caused by lighting strikes and everyday wear and tear on your electrical items. If you want to protect your belongings, then give us a call.

A Miramar electrician like Sherman Electric is able to provide you with quality electrical repairs that are done by guys who know the trade very well. Give us a call today.



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