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Are You Seeking an Electrician in Pembroke Pines, FL?

There's nothing like your electricity not working properly and when it's not, you'll want to call on a Pembroke Pines electrician that can fix it properly. Contact Sherman Electric as we are here to serve you. If your problems have anything to do with electrical, then we're the ones to rely on. We've been making people smile since 1993.


Pembroke Pines Electrical Repairs Pembroke Pines Electrical Repairs

When your ceiling fan stops working and you need to find a reputable electrician to repair it, who do you call on? You can contact the pros at Sherman Electric. We'll have your fan on and running in no time. If you need to cool down your living quarters, then get a hold of us today.

Normally in ceiling fans, the problem lies within the motor. If you don't possess any experience working with ceiling fans, then we highly recommend not working on them yourself. We have over two decades of expertise.

Don't toss your ceiling fan out the window just because you cannot get it working. Contact a Pembroke Pines electrician that can fix it for you. Sherman Electric can and we can do it right.


Pembroke Pines Panel Upgrades

Here are some tips if you want to upgrade your home's electrical system. Just remember that the total amperage of the branch circuit breakers should not go past the amperage of the panel itself. This serves as a rule of thumb for when we are performing a panel upgrade.

Wire size is everything. Your home's wiring all depends on the appliance or room that it's going through. For instance, the larger the number of wire gauge, the wire will be much smaller. Lager wires can obviously handle more voltage without it getting hot.

Lights and outlets are normally ran on the same circuit. But, devices such as ovens and dryers are ran on their own individual circuits. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding a panel upgrade in your home.


Pembroke Pines Surge Protection

If you've never experienced a power surge in your home before, then consider yourself lucky. If and when one occurs, you need to be prepared, but how? Sherman Electric has the answer for you, surge protection.

Our Sherman Electric electricians will install a surge protection device in your home that will keep all of your electrical items free from surging. Take care of the problem before it takes care of you. Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our representatives.

If you want a professional Pembroke Pines electrician, that's exactly what you'll get. Sherman Electric are the ones to trust when it comes to surge protection for your home.



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